For a limited time we have Flat Fee options!!

July 6, 2017

We are looking to help a few For Sale By Owners who want options...
FACT: There is a lack of inventory!
FACT: This option will expose your Home to preapproved buyers!
Complimentary photography paired with being listed in the MLS...
you can go from "For Sale" to "SOLD"... quick!!

$500 Click to Purchase$3,000 Click to purchase

MLS Listing & Enhanced MarketingMLS Listing & Full Service

Listing in local MLSXX
Listing in Zillow, Trulia, XX
Listing syndication to MANY websites XX
You pick the buyer's agent commissionXX
Required Forms for purchase agreementXX
Ability to withdraw listing at any time or extendXX
Facebook MarketingXX
Open House AdsXX
Post SignXX
Single Property WebsiteXX
Unlimited RevisionsXX
Showing Coordination

Transaction Management- contract to closing 

Property Video by iMovie app

Flyers on property

Marketing Updates



Q. Can I still sell my house myself?
A. Yes! You can!! If an agent brings a buyer you will need to honor what you offered in the MLS but you can still market your home and sell it on your own! 

Q. How do I edit the listing?
A. Unlimited revisions! Just email with your change and we will facilitate the change within 24 hours and at no additional cost.

Q. What about an Open House?
A. Let us know a few days before you open house and we will add it to the MLS, Post to Zillow, market on Facebook. If you would like us to host an open house on your behalf, just ask! 

Q. How soon will my house be on the market?
A. After you have given Amanda the property address you can expect to have the listing paperwork in your email within 24 hours. Once you have signed your paperwork you can expect your home to be in the MLS within 1 to 24 hours!
We can even get the house listed the same day you sign up! That's our goal! To get your home SOLD stat!

Q. When will my house be photographed?
A. Amanda is going to a hire a Professional photographer to photograph your home. It depends on the availability of the photographer but Amanda's goal is to get the property exposed to as many buyers as possible as soon as possible! 

Q. How do I get started?
A. First, pick your option and pay for the service MLS Listing with Enhanced Marketing or MLS Listing with Full Service.
Once you have made your payment Amanda will reach out for your property information unless you email it first to her at 

Q. What if I decide that I do want help with comps, showing coordination & transaction management?
A. Just let Amanda know how you are feeling and she will determine how she may be able to help you further.

Q. What about my "For Sale By Owner" Sign?
A. You'll need to comply with the local MLS's guidelines. A beautiful white post sign will benefit you greatly. The public won't necessarily know that you are selling on your own. In most cases, if a buyer knows you're "saving on a commission".. they may try to low ball you based on what they think you are saving. Or, you can opt out of signage.


"If you have to sell your house "For Sale by Owner" and need the extra marketing of an MLS ad. Look no further than Amanda and her team. My wife and I were in a tight spot where we couldn't afford a realtor. Amanda offers a $500 flat fee to post your home on the MLS and to take professional pictures. She will review the contract when you have a potential buyer or help in anyone way she can.  With this service my home sold in less than two weeks for full asking price. This wouldn't have been possible without Amanda's flat fee service."  -The Boggs

"Dear Amanda, I want to take this opportunity to thank you and your team with the sale of my York County home. This as you very well know is our second home sale with you in the last six months. Over the past 30 years, my wife and I have bought and sold almost a dozen homes. These experiences have us understanding that selling a home is much different than buying one and require different types of expertise and resources. Today, with the services you can use online with different internet sites, can give a home seller some limited resources, but even the best online selling sights the information these sites automatically populate can be misleading to a potential buyer. Your service with having a fixed fee for the seller gets the correct information out to there to hundreds of real estate companies and agents through MLS. This savings to the seller can allow them to be more flexible with pricing while giving the seller the best price for their home. Your top-of-the-line for sale signs, to the professional photographs taken and used, are all first-class. I have one more investment property that will go on the market in 2018 and I am 100% sure I will be listing with you once again. 
Thank you again for your new and unique approach for homeowners as myself." -Mr. McQuillin


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